“I’m Into Survival”: Nancy Thompson, My Favorite Horror Heroine (Women In Horror Series)

When you think about A Nightmare on Elm Street, odds are you think of that guy with the burned face and knives for fingers. But why isn’t the heroine as iconic as the villain? That’s a question Heather Langenkamp, the actress behind Nightmare’s leading lady Nancy Thompson, seeks to answer in her 2010 documentary I... Continue Reading →

Contact: The Power of Feminist Representation (for Bitch Flicks)

Announcement! I got to write about my childhood heroine, Ellie Arroway, for btchflcks.com’s Women Scientists week! I take a personal look at how she affected my career track as well as the inherent sexism she experiences in a male-dominated professional field, and how the film treats her character overall as an example of much-needed female representation. That’s... Continue Reading →

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