About Me


Kelcie is a(n):

  • multimedia producer by morning
  • sort-of wanna-be writer by afternoon
  • 4’11 redhead
  • aspiring spinster and cat parent
  • adult, I guess, but I’m still figuring out how that works

My mom watched Star Trek while she was pregnant so I was destined for nerdiness from the womb, and I graduated from Stephens College with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Filmmaking. If it has haunted houses, superheroes in spandex, space, Gillian Anderson, or Anna Torv, I’m down with it. Sometimes I pretend I’m Commander Sheperd. Red hair’s handy for that.

Other lifelong loves include napping, tea, waffles, rainy days, fuzzy socks, ’90s female rock singers, being alone, Peter Cushing’s face, over-investing myself emotionally in fiction, film noir, and all things classic Hollywood.

Fun fact: Cary Elwes hugged me twice.

You can find my work here or at Medium. I’ve previously written pieces for Women and Hollywood as an intern. 

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