“Labyrinth” Article For btchflcks.com!

Do you love the movie Labyrinth? Are you interested in reading about how it boasts a pretty radical feminist message? Then you should check out my article on Bitch Flicks! I wrote “You Have No Power Over Me”: Female Agency and Empowerment in ‘Labyrinth’ for their “Ladies of the 1980s” theme week, and I’m so thrilled... Continue Reading →

The Conjuring 2 Is A Super-Sized, Super-Frightful Sequel That Retains The Best Parts Of The First

It starts small. An unexplained noise. A bodiless whisper. An object moves on its own. A shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye, behind you, under the bed. There’s something wrong in your home; something evil is here, something inescapable, powerful, and it wants to kill you. Director James Wan knows how to... Continue Reading →

In A Crowded Golden Age Of Superhero Movies, “X-Men: Apocalypse” Still Has A Place

Eight years before Iron Man, when Marvel’s interconnected movie universe was just a studio’s daydream, there was X-Men. In many ways we have Bryan Singer to thank for establishing the success of today’s superhero blockbusters. Singer grounded his mutant world in realism and heart, proving that movies based on crime-fighting, cape-wearing people with funky abilities... Continue Reading →

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