An Open Letter To TV Showrunners: Stop Killing Our Women

Spoilers for Arrow, Sleepy Hollow, The Americans, Empire, and Vikings, and past episodes of half a dozen other shows.

Dear writers/executives/showrunners,

Seven women died on television last week.

Four were women of color. At least two were lesbians. Let’s add this to the six other women, mostly non-white and LGBTQ, who were also killed since the start of this year.

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Laurel Lance Deserved Better, And Her Fate Matters

(Spoilers for Arrow episode 4.18, “Eleven-Fifty-Nine.”)

It’s a familiar refrain for me by now. “That female character deserved better.” From her series, her writers, the fans. The disappointment never seems to end in that regard, and it’s been one hell of an awful year already for LGBTQ, WOC representation on TV: Lexa from The 100, Rosa from Jane the Virgin, Denise on The Walking Dead, Mary Louise and Nora on The Vampire Diaries, and a casualty on The Americans just this week.* No female character, it seems, is off limits.

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